Can Social Media Help Sell Your Home?

There are Over 2 Billion People on Facebook, and over 1 Billion people on Insagram today. These active social media users around the world are not all looking to buy a home, but thankfully Facebook has the ability to narrow down the billions of users to help target the users who are in fact looking. 

We've all seen advertisements that pop up in our news feeds or at the top of our Google searches that seem to be directly targeted to our last Google search inquiry. Google and Facebook have been collecting this data for years and have been selling this "Big Data" to advertisers. So the next time you search for "used cars for sale near me" on Google, don't be surprised to see ads from car dealerships pop up on Social Media and Google. 

Now that this data is available to advertisers (and it has been for some time), it is possible to market your home's listing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest directly to a targeted audience. We can target specific buyers who are "Likely to Move," and within a specific demographic, income level, and location. 

For example: If your home has some very particular features such as direct boat and lake access, you can specifically target individuals who own boats that meet the income level of someone qualified to buy your home. By hiring a true real estate professional who understands how to utilize social media marketing, your home will be advertised to qualified buyers who actually have an interest in your home, saving you time and money.

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As a Real Estate Entreprenuer, it is marketing suicide to rely solely on the MLS to sell a home. It is even more detrimental to try selling your home without hiring a Real Estate agent. Without utilizing this new-age marketing, your home receives less exposure resulting in a lower purchase price and less money in your pocket. 

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